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What's your personality like? (detailed +stylish banners)

Romantic/DreamerWell,don't you have quite an imagination? You're an idealist and posibly romantic,you also don't like when people set limits for you. Many people like you changed the course of history, but unfortunatedy you sometimes lack in the action department. If someone looked closely in your eyes they would see a rejection of the nowadays harsh world (that you might or might not noticed by now). Any level-headed person would advice you to come back to earth and stop missing important moments of life,but I'm advicing you to never give up your imagination,only use it to better the boring or rough parts of life!P.S: If you're willing,please take a look at my other results and if you feel that the quizz and I deserve it,rate!
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What type of Personality do you have?(Girls Only)(Beautiful pictures)

You are in between...You are happy yet depressed at the same time. You're really cunfused about what is going to be in your future, but then again you aren't. You don't have a lot of friend and enjoy being alone, but also being around the people closest to you. The reason of your sadness is because of something in your past, but you try to make the best of it by pretending to be happy all of the time. Element: WaterSong: Going Under by: EvanescenceColors: Anything Earthy or Dark
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What type of spirit do you have? 6 detailed results! pix

Your spirit is calm, welcoming...and downright scary when angry. Just like the ocean!Your spirit prefers to stay away from conflict and arguments, but dont get me wrong you wont backdown from a fight. You are welcoming, calm and open to just about anyone, you have power of others that no one truly realizes. Your calm nature puts out some people, and you can be minipulative at times. You hold grudges and dont tend to let go of them easily. You see memories as all you have in life, and you dont intend of letting them go because they arent particuraly pleasant. Now like I said you are a go with the flow type of person, but look out when you get angry. All hell breaks loose when you are angry or sad, everyone and everything will feel it and KNOW it. You tend to destroy anything in your path when in a bad mood, causing everyone to want to run away and cower in a corner.Your spirit is one of a negotiator or delegit because of your calm and welcoming attitude.Color: BlueWhat you are made out of: WaterAnimal: Cougar.You are a special person, a great negotiator and calm personality!Thanks for taking my quiz!
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(das mit der past is gar nich mal so schlecht...)


You are a princess who longs for escape. You'd like to break away from all of the rules, and follow your own path. Scared of being alone though, you stay with your friends. You attempt at any freewill you can get. You hide your reflection in your eyes, and in your smile.

Who Are You When Nobody Is Looking? (For Girls, Sorry Guys I'll Get 1 For U All Soon)

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Saddnes: You are the god of saddnes. you are sad most of the time. Sometimes you dont even know why...

What dark god are you?

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(naja ôo aber dat bild is schön x3)


Wow you're a white cat. You're like the purple cat only you show more emotion than she does. You may be a loner and secretive but you don't keep everything to yourself. You have few friends but they love you for who you are and don't care that you're different. What you have is special, don't ever lose it.

What type of cat are you? (Really cute anime pictures!)Girls Only!

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src="http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d43/BleedingSoul777/Dark%20Pics/inthesilencebydarkenedangel3ua.jpg"alt="Image hosted by

Quote: I walk aimlessly among this earth trying to
find a reason for my birth

You hide death. You have become numb do to your
pain. People have pushed you farther and
farther down. And you began to grow cold. You
didn't want to feel the pain anymore and now
you don't feel anything. People label you goth
because of the way you are. But they just don't
understand you. You most likely like dark
things and are drawn to pain. You try and find
ways to cause you pain just to prove your still
alive. You don't want to be this way but you
can't find a way out. You desperatly search for
someone or something to pull you out of this to
make you feel something. But don't worry the
time will come for you to be happy to feel
those emotions again. It might not be right
away but it will come. One day you'll see that
this world may just be worth living. I hope you
find that out soon. You deserve it.

~We all hide something from the world...What do you hide~(with beautiful dark pictures)
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Water sprite: Timid, but you enjoy company. Mainly
an observer.

what mythical creature are you? (nice pics ^_^)
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Fantasy. Whether it be Mermaid cut or
Renaissance, the dress you choose is something
formed out of one's imagination. Flowing
sleeves, long skirt, and high bust, it shows
that you can turn a wild imagination into
something beautiful.

Which Wedding Dress Suits Your Personality? {Pictures!}
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Wind. You can be a little unsure of yourself at
times, but once you're steadied, you provide
solid support to those around you.

Personality: You're far more muted than any of the
others but that isn't a bad thing. Winds might
fall behind pace when discovering who they
really are, but once you know, you'll be one of
the kindest and most caring people someone
could ever ask for. One of the reasons it takes
you a little longer to find yourself is because
you always put others first. Some people might
think youre a pushover and you can be a little
too trusting. But you just want to find the
good in everyone. When youve helped those
around you become better or happier people,
youll find your own problems a lot easier to
deal with. Youll learn to relate better to
yourself once you take your external
experiences and apply them internally.

Temper: Honestly? You don't have much of one. When
cornered, you tend to pull back and shy from
confrontation. However, if you're pushed, your
muscles will begin to coil and youll find your
teeth. As soon as an opening presents itself,
you'll take it. That means that if people want
to get a highly emotional reaction from you,
they'll have to push. But it also means that
their strategy might blow up in their face when
you give them your gut-honest reaction instead
the answer they were looking for. People will
try and get you to cave in, so remember that
just because they're louder doesn't mean
they're right. Look to the many people youve
helped to remind you just how strong you are.

The Other Elements:
Earth: Your elemental opposite. Stay away. Stay far
away. Earth is stubborn, emotional, and
aggressive. Because they have a tendency to
think more about themselves than others, guilt
takes a while to catch up with them so don't be
surprised if they end up taking advantage of
you. Approach with caution. Your trusting
nature with make you want to help them, but try
steering them towards another element before
you tackle the task yourself.
Water: Your elemental equal. You have a lot in
common with Wind which makes for smooth and
quickly built relationships. Wind and Water are
a force to be reckoned with when working
together. But because it comes so easy, Water
might take it for granted and the relationship
can easily become superficial. Keep them
ground. When they get a little too caught up
with material possessions, remind them what's
really important. But keep in mind that Water
can help you loosen up and have a litle fun.
Fire: Not your opposite but not your equal either.
Like a relationship with those of your own
element, relationships with Fire are often
hit-or-miss. Fire can be scary at first, but if
you stay calm and patient, giving them a
chance, you'll recognize the same loyalty in
them that you have in yourself. You both have
pulled back personalties, but Fire is cautious,
not withdrawn. Ask and you can gain invaluable
tips on being a bit more assertive.

Which Element Are You? (w/pictures and VERY in-depth answers)
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WATER- You are the mistress of water. You are shy,
but preppy on the inside and around friends.
You might be an emo but its not THAT likely.
Your most valuable possesion is your friends
and family. You love them very much and
wouldn't let anything happen to them. how
did you like it? Plz rate ^_^

(Beautiful Anime) What element mistress are you?
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